I’ve been bitten by the baking bug…

…and my enjoyment of making tasty treats is only getting stronger!

Hello and welcome to Bellissima Baking! This blog is my personal little slice of the internet where I post my adventures, triumphs and mishaps in a land that was until recently, foreign to me: the kitchen. Before I detail my reasoning for starting up this blog, I think an introduction is in order. Blogs are a lot more enjoyable to read when you have a feeling of the person behind the screen, aren’t they?

My name is Belle, and I’m 18. Quite young to be starting a baking blog, but a girl has to have a hobby. I’m currently a student in Queensland, Australia studying Politics, International Relations and Italian, the latter of which influenced this blog’s title. I’m particularly passionate about what I study, though a political opinions blog was never going to be the blog for me. Introductions aside, it’s time to get to the real reason we’re all hear: the baking. Why then, does this blog exist? Does the internet really need another baking blog? The answer is yes, yes it does.

I have not started this blog for recognition, I have started this blog because I want to share my love of baking with the world. I have never been the type of person with a thousand hobbies, and trust me, I’ve tried them all. Knitting, stamp collecting, sports and even jewellery making have all been ships I have dreamed of sailing on, dreams which unfortunately sailed off in to the sunset leaving me behind standing on the pier, waving them goodbye from my life. Every list of New Year’s Resolutions I’ve whipped up have included some form of hobby I wanted to try, none of which I’ve ever taken to.

But baking is different. It all started in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, when (short on funds for a proper present) I promised to bake my sweetheart some brownies. This then turned in to brownies and cookies. Then brownies and cookies and cupcakes. And more cookies. All of which I enjoyed making immensely and went down a treat with my boy. Before I knew it, I was baking two or three different things a week. I just couldn’t stop, I was hooked! I didn’t understand because I had never enjoyed cooking at school. I still don’t enjoy cooking, being the fussy vegetarian I am, I prefer my meals raw. My family certainly had their reservations about my new found passion for baking for these exact reasons (although they now anticipate every batch of sugary treats that come out of our oven with great delight).

In short, I have created this blog not only to share my favourite recipes, but also to share my love of baking. Even though I am undoubtedly an amateur in the kitchen, the online baking community is a community I want to be a part of, in any small way I can. If you have gotten this far, I congratulate you for reading this entire introductory post and welcome you once again, to Bellissima Baking. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!


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