Super Moist Easy Vanilla M&M Cupcakes!


My younger brother has been feeling a bit under the weather this week, so yesterday I decided to make these fun and most importantly, tasty treats to cheer him up a little. The plan worked; he felt better, and my family and I got to indulge in these simply delectable and easy to make cupcakes, guilt free! These cupcakes use my favourite vanilla cake recipe, which is ultra moist and soft. This mixture is miles better than any box mix on the shelves, as it truly stays moist for days after baking. It is a perennial favourite in our household, and one of the bakes most requested by those who have tasted it! I simply added M&Ms to brighten them up a bit in lieu of funfetti cupcakes, as we all needed a bit of a chocolate boost. Keep reading for the recipe!
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Gooey Caramel Stuffed Double Chocolate Cookies


Today I’m happy to present you with a recipe for extremely soft double chocolate cookies with gooey caramel centres. These little devils will have you saying ‘just one more!’ as you reach for your seventh cookie. Trust me, I’ve seen what they do to your self restraint (it flies out the window). This cookie dough can be used not only as a platform for caramel, but for a range of other chocolates and biscuits! Curious as to how to make these soft and gooey delights? Keep reading for the recipe!
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Kiwi and Almond Breakfast Muffins


I absolutely adore kiwis, and living in Australia, kiwis are in season for much of the year. So after scouring my fridge and discovering a couple of the fruit I decided to put them to good use and make a yummy breakfast muffin out of them! After making this decision, I hastily ran to my laptop to research recipes, which unfortunately did not turn up a whole lot of results. Why, I asked myself, is no one utilising the natural sweetness of these green super fruits by baking with them? So I grabbed my go-to muffin recipe and made some significant changes. After a couple of attempts, I’m very pleased to present you with these absolutely delicious Kiwi and Almond Breakfast muffins!
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Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies: Standard and Mint!

So as this a baking blog, I thought it particularly pertinent to actually post a recipe or two instead of more rambling on my part. So lets get to it! Today, I have a recipe for a fantastic gooey and fudgey brownie that can be eaten as is or used as a foundation for a more specialized, dressed up treat. I’m happy to present you with two variations of this absolutely scrumptious indulgence: one a dark/white chocolate combination, and one mint.

These brownies are extremely fudgy. The recipe calls for a sizable amount of butter (or margarine) which gives these brownies their density. Super moist, with a rich and dark chocolate taste, whats not to love? I added a mixture of white and dark chocolate chips to this brownie recipe when I first made them (on Valentine’s Day, as you might be able to tell from the sprinkles!), but they aren’t necessary to achieve the triple chocolate taste. Also, no mixer (hand or stand) is required to make these brownies, which I appreciated as I have still yet to invest in either. So now, on to the recipe! Continue reading

I’ve been bitten by the baking bug…

…and my enjoyment of making tasty treats is only getting stronger!

Hello and welcome to Bellissima Baking! This blog is my personal little slice of the internet where I post my adventures, triumphs and mishaps in a land that was until recently, foreign to me: the kitchen. Before I detail my reasoning for starting up this blog, I think an introduction is in order. Blogs are a lot more enjoyable to read when you have a feeling of the person behind the screen, aren’t they?

My name is Belle, and I’m 18. Quite young to be starting a baking blog, but a girl has to have a hobby. I’m currently a student in Queensland, Australia studying Politics, International Relations and Italian, the latter of which influenced this blog’s title. I’m particularly passionate about what I study, though a political opinions blog was never going to be the blog for me. Introductions aside, it’s time to get to the real reason we’re all hear: the baking. Why then, does this blog exist? Does the internet really need another baking blog? The answer is yes, yes it does.

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